Brain Tumor Awareness Month

May, especially here in the Northeast corridor is a time when we’re all taking warmer weather clothes out of storage and looking ahead to time outdoors. It offers a sign of better things to come, at least in terms of the weather.

Where I used to think only of Cinco de Mayo and a few celebratory margaritas in early May, I now use it as a stark reminder of how lucky I am. More importantly it is a time that I try to reflect on how much attention and progress is unfortunately still required in relation to brain tumors.

May is Brain Tumor Awareness Month.  It is meant to highlight all the good that has and will continue to come from research and activism towards fighting these awful invaders. For any who have been impacted by brain tumors; whether it be personally or a loved one, you can understand just how devastating they can be.

I encourage anyone reading this to help in any way they can. I plan to become more more involved with my time being an advocate, as well as continue to donate to charities such as the National Brain Tumor Society that are resolute in their efforts to eradicate brain tumors.

I feel especially blessed after just recently receiving a clean MRI scan, 6-months after a “scare” on the previous brain scan. It is important to remember that no matter how hard we think our lot in life is, there are always others in equal or greater need. Regardless if you are suffering with a brain tumor now, or are a picture of health, always try to stay grounded and determined to enjoy every minute we are given.

Happy May Day & Brain Tumor Awareness Month everyone!


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