Laces Out

downloadTwo weeks post surgery and the stitches in the dome are being removed. Apologies if the picture of the wound elicited your gag reflex. However I felt like it is important to show others who are facing a craniotomy operation the true “look”.

In my case, that also entails a Viking (Ragnar Lothbrok) hair style, which is pretty sweet.

At this point my skull on the entire back left side is mostly numb to the touch. So the removal of the stitches wasn’t really painful. I won’t lie that it left me a bit woozy after the NP started YANKING down on the stitches, and I had to sit down on my side for the remainder of the process.

It feels good to have that part over with, and not look as much like Frankenstein. The Viking haircut has to stay until at least six weeks post-op (when you are allowed to go to a barber again).

Still no word on biopsy results at this appointment, and I will need to wait until meeting with my neurosurgeon next month to know for sure of the prognosis. Either way, I am so fortunate that the surgery was a success and I am progressing in my recovery, so I refuse to focus on that aspect of the journey. Everything will work out if you stay focused on what you can control, and let the other chips fall where they may.

Grateful to have the stitches out, and taking it one day at a time in recovery. Finding positives in every day.


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