Logging Off

I’ve mentioned the topic of message boards and medical forums in previous posts.  After a recent diagnosis of a brain tumor, or any other serious illness, the internet is typically the first place we turn to for information.

As I’ve stated before, it is entirely necessary to be extremely well-informed about your medical situation and armed with good questions before your doctors’ appointments. After all, you are now talking with brain surgeons on a far too regular basis and need to be able to speak “neuroscience” somewhat fluently from here on out.

I personally found brain tumor forums and message boards great at first. I was able to read posts and connect with others who had treaded through similar waters as the ones I now find myself in. However, there is a point where you need to cut yourself off from these places.

After I was able to meet with and pick my neurosurgery team, get a handle on my particular situation, and had a surgery date booked, I still found myself on these forums. I told myself this was in order to get a better handle on possible outcomes of the surgery I am about to undergo. That is fine, and I even connected with some great people who had surgery at MGH as well. BUT, when you find yourself drawn to the posts relating to negative outcomes of brain surgery nine times out of ten, and are reading them four hours a day….not so good.

So my advice if you find yourself in the unfortunate situation of dealing with a brain tumor or any other major upcoming surgeries, use these forums and message boards for concentrated reasons. Get your information, maybe connect with a few people in your situation if you need to, but do not make it a daily habit.

Grateful for today.


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