Post Turkey Day Tumor-Takeout!

Another BIG item has been knocked off the checklist in this lovely process. My surgery has been scheduled for Friday November 28th, 2014. Jen and I have been waiting anxiously to get this date scheduled since we decided to go with MGH for surgery. I think it goes without saying, like most everything else in this journey that time seemingly is standing still.

There are a few challenges that Jen and I are not crazy about with this date however. First and most importantly, this puts the surgery almost three months from now. As I have conveyed before, time seems to move at a snail’s pace when given the diagnosis of a brain tumor. However I have decided to use these three months as a POSITIVE. I am going to try to focus not on the tumor, but instead preparing my body and mind for what I have been told is on average a ten hour brain surgery. The second, and seemingly much more trivial issue is the surgery is scheduled for the DAY AFTER THANKSGIVING!

First and foremost on the topic of Thanksgiving, it is to me the best day of the year. Hands down, no debate in my book on this issue. It is a day to relax, be with family, eat obscene amounts of food, watch football, and enjoy some fine spirits without the pressures of gift giving that Christmas has seemed to take on. My grandmother Rosemary who passed away last year always made a great meal for our large family, and my uncle Mark would cap off the night with his amazing homemade pizzas.  The tradition carries on even without gram running the show, but since this takes place over four hours away in my hometown in Upstate New York, it looks like we are foregoing the holiday this year with surgery starting in the early hours of the morning the next day at MGH. Also, I have been warned by many people not to eat heavy or rich foods for 48 hours prior to surgery. So I am going to go out on a limb and say turkey and gravy aren’t the best pre-op foods to enjoy unfortunately.

In the nature of full-disclosure, I would rather have the surgery tomorrow. The thought of this tumor in my head for any amount of time makes me anxious. However, since I am using a well-respected team of doctors, and a world-class hospital, the surgery schedule gets booked quick. This can be seen as a good thing since so many other people are also placing their trust with my team for such a major operation (and of course sad in that so many other people are living with brain tumors).  Again, I am trying to rearrange the focus to positives as well as things that divert my energy away from focusing on the tumor. My hope is that the next three months will allow me to get in better shape mentally and physically. But also, refocus to just enjoy each day we get with loved ones. Every day with Jen and Odin is amazing!

So November 28th 2014 will forever be known to me as  the “Post Turkey Day Tumor-Takeout”.


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