Raising awareness for brain tumor research


Apologies for the delay in any recent posts to this blog. There has been a number of things happening in my day-to-day, but I intend on posting with some frequency in the coming months.

As this week is “International Brain Tumor Awareness Week” for 2016, I felt it was an appropriate time to check-in.

I would encourage all to check-out the NATIONAL BRAIN TUMOR SOCIETY Website for more details on how to participate.

They do amazing work at this charity year round to raise awareness, fund crucial research and even lobby for more funding in congress!

For others like myself who have been impacted by brain tumors, I strongly urge you to keep them on your radar and point those willing to make donations, or volunteer their time to the site.

Remember to stay positive and be thankful for every day. Hope to see you rocking your orange and grey this week!


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