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I’ve come to believe more and more that everything that happens in life has some kind of purpose. Even negative events such as brain tumors force us to re-evaluate things in our lives, and may ultimately help ourselves or others live with more meaning.

There are so many great organization out there that are fighting to eradicate Brain Tumors, and doing some amazing research and trials.

The organization I have chosen to support with the most frequency is the National Brain Tumor Society, Inc. After researching various non-profit organizations engaged in this fight, I found the entire scope of their mission to be the one that resonated most with me. Their goal “is to make brain tumors a chronic, manageable disease by the year 2025”. They have a great mix of funding research, outreach to those afflicted with brain tumors, and also get involved in legislation.

You can find out more at their website; National Brain Tumor Society, Inc.

I love to occasionally send them small donations on days where I’m reminded of how lucky I am to still be here after my run in with a tumor. If you cannot afford a donation, they have lots of information on how to volunteer and start fundraising events.

One last way I try to help is by doing all of my Amazon shopping through Amazon Smile. It is easy to setup, and you simply select the National Brain Tumor Society, Inc. as your preferred charity. Every time you shop, Amazon makes a donation to their organization.


-Matthew Kendall

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